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All about Canadian Heroes - Lost Heroes

A movie documentary about the Golden age Canadian Comics! watch it while is here --gone--

Studiocomix Video Archive

Welcome to the Studiocomix press Video Archive and here you will be able to find some of the interviews, fun videos and more all Related to Studiocomix Press, we will try to update all the videos, however if you find or have a video where any of the Studiocomix Team Members appears let us know and will update this page right away!, get comfy and enjoy some of the Studiocomix Press moments


Studiocomix Press is grateful to present a list of sponsors that offer support or services to help publishing our titles in different ways, of you are interested in getting your service or business advertised in one of our publications drop us a line right away  will be happy to hear from you.




Jorge Alberto Robles




Gomez Palacios Durango, Mexico

Awesome control of the pencil and tablet, writer and illustrator.

Favourite movie:
Inception, Matrix and Frank Miller's 300

Favourite genre of music: 

Favourite artist:
Clint Eastwood

Illustrator and graphic designer, in his most recent work includes the Web comic "Cigarette Burns" participated in "ALG: Cotton" comic about basketball players of Laguna region, has recently worked in agencies such as 4G, Black Boy and Bravo advertising as a designer and illustrator.

Currently, he joined Studiocomix team writing and illustrating the comic 2010 with high content of science fiction.

Contact Jorge Alberto Robles at: jorge.robles@studiocomix.com

Carlos Ramirez



Distrito Federal, Mexico

Spend a lot of money in memorabilia

Favourite movie:
Charley and the chocolate factory

Favourite genre of music:

Favourite artist:

Illustrator, cartoonist and creative, at his young age he achieve the creation of the Webcomic Cacha City, this work help him to present his artistic skills in Editorial Vanguardia, and get actively involved in the second anthology of the WEE (Association of Spanish-speaking) Web-published located in Spain and distributed throughout the network, He currently participates with Studiocomix Press with his own project called All Jack City.

Contact Carlos Ramirez Bernal at: carlos.bernal@studiocomix.com

Alfonso Espinos

Chief Editor


Kitchener Ontario, Canada

High levels of customer service training, business writing and management, writer and artist of The Night Spike, video and audio specialist, media resources and editing.

Favourite movie:
Trainspotting & Across the Universe.

Favourite genre of music:
Techno, Lounge and a small Portion of POP

Favourite artist:
Bruce Willis (yipikaiyee...)

Canadian Creative Director, Chief Editor and illustrator, at a young age he develop strong interest in the sequential art better known as comic books (also known as Historietas), this hobby support his imagination, creativity and opportunities so in 1996 and at a young age Alfonso begins printing his graphic work in local newspapers and magazines, this same year become part of the creative team of Lulu Comics, this small publisher give him the chance to present his own creations such as "Vardoger" "Super John" and " The Night Spike"

In the following years he presented his artwork in various comic book events and participate as freelance for magazines such as "La Pinga" , "Crónica Policíaca", "Info-lleto" and "Vida Latina".

He also become founder of Small Press's such as A.C. Comics and Fanzine Comics, but wasn't until 2001 when he funds Studiocomix Press where he has become the project's chief editor and manager.

Since then he keeps publishing The Night Spike an ongoing series featuring two super heroes with really bad luck,  he has provided lectures regarding the comic book story an develop for various universities like UCI, UAM and CNEPT  as well rotary clubs, in the last few years he has participated as an exhibitor in events like ComiCon and Fan Expo Canada, and organized the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival in conjunction with the Cambridge Libraries and Galleries. 

As part of his personal achievements in 2008 wins the "Cobachaward" for Character of the year and in 2009 was nominated for the "Joe Shuster Awards"in the category of Independent Canadian Comic, for 2010 he was invited to participate in the creation of the Stan Lee Foundation Logo.

Currently he lives in Kitchener Waterloo where he manages Studiocomix Press.

Contact Alfonso Espinos at: alfonso.espinos@studiocomix.com
                                      or  at: chief.editor@studiocomix.com

Autism Speaks Canada Walk K-W

As comic Book creators we do also understand the importance of contributing and supporting Social movements with a meaningful cause, for this reason the whole Studiocomix Press team is proud to announce that we have partnered with Autism Speaks Canada Walk  2016.

Stay tuned for more details in he next following days. 


Bell Cosplay, yeiiii

Enjoy some great pictures of  Player Two cosplay as Bell from the Night Spike series

Our Graphic Novels at Chapters Indigo

Hey everyone, thank you very much for your patience in following up our news, and we wait a little but longer to to give you the big news, and after a few months of following up with some of our contacts we can officially announce that our 2 Studiocomix Graphic Novels are finally for sale at Chapters.

As you may know Chapters is the biggest Canadian bookstore Indigo Books and Music, as of March 2013 it had 97 superstores and 134 small format stores besides to be one of the coolest stores to hang around for a good cup of  Joe.

but, what you can really find there? all our Studiocomix Press titles? well.... so far we have All Jack City Volume 1 Training day by Carlos Bernal + Alfonso Espinos and 2010 Volume 1 by Jorge Robles + Alejandro Gamez + Alfonso Espinos our two amazing graphic novels.

Due to the franchises management you may be able to fin the TPB's either in the local author shelves or the graphic novel shelves, and in some cases just right at the front, either if you have a hard time finding them ask to any of the associates they will know better.

Here are some of the locations so far:

- Chapters Kitchener (519) 650-2553
- Chapters Waterloo (519) 886-4015

And soon will announce our presentations at the stores so stay tuned!

Studiocomix Press

Vinny and Bud #3

That's right folks! our third instalment of Vince Thompson presents: Vinny and Bud is out and about, drawn and written by Vince Thompson, story line adaptation + colour cover by Alfonso Espinos

In this third issue the fun doesn't end, Vinny and Bud and all their friends will make you laugh with their occurrences including grampa' the old veteran who is dreaming in real life.

You can also get the two previous issues in our online store or get this new title in HERE


The Guy with the Crystal Skull #2, Ready!

Hey everyone!
The second installment of the Guy with the crystal skull is ready to hit the stores, and this second installment have the actual continuation of the exhaustive search of Allan in what the actual power of the Crystal Skull held, he was to discover even more to get to the actual source of the power.

This fascinating second issue of the series was written by Ariel Valenzuela and Alfosno Espinos and the artwork was done by Ariel Valenzuela!!!

Don't miss the chance to own it today as a pre-sale in our online store where you can get the number one and the other Studiocomix publications.

Give it a try and check out the guy with the Cristal skull HERE!!

Dark Blood #2

Hey everyone! the second installment of the series Dark Blood is ready and available in your comic book shops! so if your haven't read or see any artwork of this great series illustrated by Jose Luis you can take a look right here!

Or you can buy #1 and the brand new #2 in our on line Store today!!

Studiocomix Press

The Victory #2 ready for sale!

Hello dear readers we are excited to announce that the Studiocomix Press september issue is ready The victory #2  you can purchase it today at our On Line store and dont forget that you can also get all the available back issues from our other titles.

To enter to the store Click here or in the picture below!

Hola queridos lectores estamos felices de anunciar que el titulo de Studiocomix Press de la edición de septiembre esta listo The Victory #2, ya lo puedes adquirir directamente en nuestra tienda on line y no se olviden de que también pueden adquirir los números pasados de la serie y de todas las demás series disponibles de Studiocomx Press

Para entrar a la tienda On line dale Click Aquí o en la imagen de abajo. 

Here you have a few pages!
Aqui algunas paginas!


Studiocomix Experience @ London ComicCon 2014

Hello everyone, in the last 2 months we have being really busy and for the ones that have checked our Facebook page will know that we being bouncing from show to show almost every weekend thing that make me happy since every show that we attend is a real good spot to get in touch with the readers of the region and also demonstrate to our current readers that we have a solid compromise of continuity not only in one but in all of the Studiocomix Press titles.

I really want to thank to those ones that I've have the chance to talk during the shows and also to the people that read our material in any social media, thank you thank you thank you for your time and support, without you Studiocomix Press won't be what it is today!!

Also, we almost reached 350 followers in our Facebook page (non paid by the way! hehe) and that make us extremely proud since we know that the followers are organic and people that actually like our content, to all of you thank you! and if you haven't liked our page here is the LINK!

But now let's move to more than amazing news and after the Niagara Falls Comic Con we have the amazing opportunity to be part of the First Canada's London Comic Con so get ready because here we go with the Studiocomix Press Experience!!!

The Show

For this first edition of the Canada's London Comic Con the people organizing the show did a great job, to be honest I was extremely surprised with the flow of people and the kind of crowd, most of the people that I have the chance to talk to told me that was years ago since London had a comic book show of this kind and they were really happy to know that this type of shows were emerging again, the whole show was held at the Centennial Hall located in the heart of downtown London, the selection of exhibitors was fantastic, specially because we were there but also my good friends of gr8collectables were there, even that they were a limited number of exhibitors I might say that  was more about quality than quantity, one thing that I dig was the Dinosaur/ Godzilla museum that was just right by the entrance, simply unique! congrats Jake you did it!

 here I am at the entrance of the show!

also Stay Puff was strolling around! 

Our Stand

It was in a great location, a lot of people have the chance to get our titles and get the latest Studiocomix Press titles including The Vicotry  #1 and the Dark Blood #1 people did liked the new material, that is why I'm so proud to have the team that I have now.


The People I meet

Believe it or not I have the chance to talk really briefly with  ERIC ROBERTS better known for this participation in The Dark Knight, The Expendables, The Best of the Best and my all time favourite TV series Heroes, actually I did ask him if they invited him to participate in the second part of this controversial series and he responded with a solid no, ;(   but he seems to be really busy with some other projects at the time, any way thank you for your time Eric I hope to see you in another show.

Here is a side view of  how far I was from Erick Roberts, just like 3 booths away! 

I also meet London Batman, however I didn't take his picture but you can find a lot of him in  his facebook page HERE!

The Highlights

Like Always Dr. Stevil was around , such an amazing guy!
Here is the final fight Stevil vs Powers, they have this match on Sunday when they set a wrestling ring in one of the wings of the hall, it was definitely fun! here is the video, enjoy!!

Another good friend was Gordo Giza with his store Dotsy's, I have the chance to meet this guy at Niagara falls Comic Con because he was walking around with a luchador mask on, such a great friend he is a collector of wrestling memorabilia and I just happen to have some to spare with him but the amazing part was that in exchange he gave me a commemorative coin that is now part of my collection.

A jumbo the Elephant 100 anniversary coin! thank you Gordo and we keep in touch!
by the way visit his on line store HERE!

Another great guy was this other one giving away some snacks that totally made my weekend!

aaaand of course like any other show here is the small but great section of The Cosplayers, cool costumes this time!

London Comic Con a small but extremely fantastic show to remember, definitely one of my top 5!, so it will be a go for next year until then See you next year London Comic Con!


Alfonso Espinos
Studiocomix Press

 a few of this pictures were taken from the following sources: