Studiocomix Press @ Niagara Falls Comic Con 2014

Hello everyone! last weekend was a fantastic experience at the Niagara Falls Comic Con 2014, specially since we have the chance to interact with a lot of readers from last year and chat more about the future work in progress.

And talking abut that, we are now reaching the first semester of 2014 and with that 6 published issues of our regular series and 4 variant covers as well, and all this happen thanks to the great response and demand of our readers for that Thank you!

Another achievement is that after only a year of being launched the Facebook Studiocomix Press official page we are reaching the 300 likes from people that actually like the page, it seems like a small number but I think that is a sincere one after all the likes have being organic, if you haven't liked our team page do it, it just take a few seconds HERE is the Link.
But now let's go back to the Convention experience,... for us was fantastic that we had the chance to be there as our second consecutive year if you were there you can tell the show improvements and great good vibe.

The Show

For second year the show was held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre a fantastic venue for this type of shows in the area this year they venture to have the show for 3 days!! (Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of June) and in my point of view was a  great decision the flow of people was steady in the 3 days except after 8 pm when the crowds start thinning out but if you have experience attending as a vendor this type of shows is something that always happen, let's call it "normal" but not a trend.

One thing that I was fascinated with is the fact that the artist alley was big enough to be a great stop for the attendants, they also held a section for horror, video games and comic books, by the way in the whole show my favorite stand was the one were this real size Raphael was, It looked just like the one in the movies!

Our Stand

We were located right across some big names like Dean Cain better known as Superman in the TV show, and some of the wrestling guest stars and that itself keep me entertain! 

In regards our titles I'm always finding new ways to display all our products, including the newest issues but with the continuous growth of our brand and titles it gets kind of tricky to do it, so this time around I did have a large stand up banner with all the published titles including our Facebook and twitter contact!

Also this time around I wasn't by myself, I got the company of Vinny during the 3 days, he is such a great team player and a fantastic artist I'm happy to have him on my team.

And we did take the opportunity to feature his second issue of  Vince Thompson Presents: Vinny and Bud, by Studiocomix Press and since he is one of the Niagara Falls comic book artist this convention was a great spot to launch his second book so he can feature it in his own hometown. 

We also did have a few back issues of the rest of the titles including the new launches Dark Blood, the guy with the Cristal Skull and the Victory!

And regards our neighbors I simply cannot complaint, it was like a great family reunion/party, to my right a fantastic artists and a great friend Jhon Bulmer from he keep me awake with his jokes and good vibes and to my left the super amazing team of the Geek Chic Elite that they draw the attention of the cosplayers with a fantastic setup and right at the corner, they definitely brought the party and light up the corner with their ongoing good spirits, you guys rock!! I hope next show you guys are right beside me that will be fantastic!

tadaaaaa... Jhonny lol

The People I Meet

3 seats away in our same row was one guy that I personally admire for his contribution to Indie comics and set an example of how to do it right! Kevin Eastman one of the Co-Creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, great artist and super cool friend, was kind enough to sign my TMNT Adventures #1, I need to say that I totally geek'd out (kind of when I meet Dave Sims or Chester Brown), I was so happy that I get to meet him early on Friday before the big crowds of people wee standing for a signature that give me the chance to chat with him for a bit!

At the end of Friday Ernie Hudson better known as Winston from the Ghostbusters was getting ready to leave the building, he stopped to say hi since we got the chance to meet him back on December at the Ottawa PopExpo, he did recognized Vinny really well and I did take the chance to chat for a bit and take this picture! thank you Ernie!

One of my top 3 TV series of all times has being Breaking Bad and previous to the show I did a poster print with a cartoon version of Gus, people loved the print and Giancarlo Esposito who played Gus Fring was there!! so right almost at the end of day 2 I approach him to give him one of the prints and he did signed one to me, that was fantastic!!! Thank you Giancarlo!

The following ones are one for real geeks!.. yes!, no that far from were our booth was the hosts of Comic Book Men TV show /Podcast
Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen

Walt Falnagan
Super fun and upbeat guys! thank you for the pictures!

The Highlights

Like I said before Niagara Falls has being a great show to me but this show was beyond special, and the next picture comes with a great story, the B-Town Cosplayers are two super fun young cosplayers, I love their originality in their costumes, Maria Skitch was in another show a few months ago where she was given one of my comics as a gift, it's so indescribable when someone comes to you holding your whole collection of books and tells you how much she love them!  you make my day, by the way check out her copslay page HERE!

Another Fantastic guy showed me his things to do list where Studiocomix was one of his top 3 priorities, thank you !

Another really good friend and colleague of years now, Richard Comelly the creator of Captain Canuck draw a Sketch cover of Captian Canuck for me! that goes direct to the private collection Richard, such a great friend and a walking legend of the comic book industry dedicate me a sketch cover!! thank you Richard!

And here we are again the Comic Book Men fans of The Night Spike!, enjoy the reading guys and see you next time!

Some of the people that they bought the Gus Fring poster came back to showed me that Giancarlo signed it to them, here is one super great guy!

It's incredible that after 8 years that we meet back at Fan Expo Arthur Suydam still remembers me, he actually remember it for the actual book that he signed me and I was happy to reconnect with him, he also told me that he likes Mexican food, you are the Zombie King Arthur!

A few months ago I have the fortune to meet Rachel Roy one of the curators of the graphic novel of Nelvana, this time around I got the chance the other Half, Hope Nicholson! and this time around I did manage to get my copy of the very first female super hero in the comic book history , Nelvana of the Northern Lights I got it in hardcover!!

You have my ongoing support girls, and thank you very much for my copy of Nelvana!

What I Missed
Well...... I did miss it because it was no other way, William Shatner  was there but he was sooo busy, that I only have a chance to snap a picture when he was signing, maybe next time!

The Cosplayers

Well.... here we have Vinny cosplaying as Vinny since his comic book is a real life based story Saturday another of his friends (characters) showed up!

And here He cosplay again but now with his good friend Fathead!...

and now with more Cosplay action!! 

If you were by my booth and you don't see your picture here, leave me a comment to double check why  didn't upload.

 As you can see a fantastic show, full of action packed, fun and lots of cool cosplayers!!
See you next year Niagara Falls Comic Con
Alfonso Espinos