Studiocomix @ the Northern Ontario Expo 2014

Howdy everyone, after our fantastic experience at the Northern Ontario Expo 2014 I finally find some time to write the quick review about the show, starting of I want to thank Davis for all the ongoing support since we make contact more than 6 months ago in preparation for the show and also to the rest of the show organizers that put a lot of effort in making this edition of the NOE the best so far ( or that is what I heard).

 For me and Studiocomix Press was the first time that we attended the NOE and I want to say that the response was more than fantastic, the people form Timmins are unique and the whole experience was totally worth the 9 hour drive (each way), besides in my way there I have the time to experience great Canadian scenery that you don't have the chance to experience every day in the GTA area, specially when you see the bear or moose crossing road signs.

The drive was definitely fun, on my way to Timmins I stopped in Gravenhurst to get the picture a the World's Largest Muskoka Chair!

A few pics of the views, they are a little blurry but drive and take pictures is a skill that I don't master yet.

And Timmins!! I'd finally have the chance to saw the Old McIntyre Mine with my own eyes, this headframe is allocated right in front of Pearl Lake and has earned a place in Canadian mining history as one of the nation's most important mines, this iconic head-frame, located near downtown Timmins, has come to represent the entire Porcupine Gold Rush in 1909.

Well it was special for me to finally see this head-frame live because it was part of the artwork that I presented at the show, yes! for this 4th edition of the NOE and as our first year of participating with the event I have the chance and great opportunity to create their very first exclusive comic!!!

The Night Spike #1 variant cover A (sketch cover) was the very first licensed exclusive comic of the NOE, and also I did create a representative print with Spike & Bell with the McIntyre head-frame mine as a background, nothing more representative of Timmins!!!  I thank the show organizes for the chance and specially for believe in Studiocomix as a solid comic book production team.

but now, let's move to the actual review, here it is the Studiocomix Experience @ the Northern Ontario Expo 2014

The Show

Well, the show was held at the second floor of the McIntyre Arena, a well allocated place, the whole main floor was given to the Lions Club Sportsmen Show that was running at the same time, that was definitely a key move because a lot of people that they didn't know that the NOE was going on simply walked in the second floor and tadaaaaa! comics and geeks everywhere!


I also heard that the show has being improving with the years, and has not have done a step back in the four editions, most of the visitors that I have the chance to talk told me the they were amused with the every year improvement and you can tell as the show runners Davis and Jason were scouting the area all the times.

The actual comic book attractions were simply great,  starting with the Spent Pencils crew as you may know they are fantastic artist and great fiends, all of them always smiling and joking you want to know more about them, HERE check out their site!

Another convention trooper and great guy Mike Rooth he is the creator of the NOE mascot, It was a fantastic honour to exchange artwork with him, now he is a secret reader of the Night Spike here is the picture of the moment of the trade!
thank you Mike and see you at the next show! ..... and by the way HERE is Mike's Site.

Also great vendors including our fantastic friends of Gr8collectables, check out all their online selection HERE

Our Booth

The Studiocomix Booth was placed in the middle almost in front of the main stage, it was great for more because I didn't miss the costume contest.

And of course besides the variant cover limited edition exclusive for the NOE I have also all the rest of the Studiocomix titles including 2010, All Jack City, The Victory, The guy with the crystal skull, Pedu Cirque, the six faces of dice and a few poster prints and sketch covers, the response to all our publications was fabulous, and thank you to all of them!


Studiocomix Booth all ready to rock!!

The people I meet

This year I got the chance to meet a few fantastic people, Starting of with KIM VACHON she had a booth and was cosplaying as Harley Queen, check out her artwork HERE! she had a great spirit and always smiling, you are super cool Kim!

Another group of fantastic podcasters Shawn and Bridgette from the Rusted Robot podcast, they were doing coverage of the show in both of the days and also attending a booth, but besides anything are two fantastic and easy going people, we chat and laugh and they even were wearing the Studiocomix Button the whole second day of the show! I know that they are Studiocomix Fans!! for that thank you guys! by the way Check their podcast HERE! simply fantastic!

 Shawn and Bridgette

And last but not least Mj Lapierre who was hosting the costume contest, and cosplaying as one of  the characters from the movie Frozen. A great girl always smiling and  reader of the Night Spike! 

What I missed!

The NOE website was also featuring Meghan Agosta a Canadian hokey player and 3 time Olympic gold medallist, unfortunately for me I didn't have the chance to meet her since she wasn't in the second floor with the NOE (and if she was there I didn't saw her) I think she was somewhere at the Lions Club Sportsmen Show in the main floor, I bet she may have great conversation!

Another guest was American professional wrestler April Hunter and I miss the chance to meet her (bujuuu)

and of course the waited and always liked section of The Cosplayers!!!..... ejem, well this time was really busy as well, and I just have the chance to take this one picture

But I do have a great picture with Smokey the bear!! :)

Over all the show was well placed, good crowd, good location and always recognizing the hard work of the people who make it happen, one more time thank you Davis, and for me no more Timmins... well until next year, until them see you next year Northern Ontario Expo!.


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