Studiocomix new series, Dark Blood

And after a few weeks of teasers we are finally celebrating our new addition to the Studiocomix Press published series, and its a good one!

Yes! Dark Blood, and the way that we found and developed the story and the artist was a great achievement and great proof of our compromise to develop and support emerging artist to create, guide and publish their own comic book creation.

Dark Blood also is a horror/terror story and I was dying to have something horror related to the variety of genres that we publish, the story taught about friar Buck and his journey to find his own faith, but in this search he will be tested for his past and chased by his own demons, he posses within himself both holy and evil.

This fantastic number one was a work of many hours and a long selection process after an open call we did back in 2012 in the search and support of new emerging comic book artist.

 Full picture of the recent revelled Dark Blood

then after a few months of preparation, Ignacio Garcia one of the Studiocomix Press team member and artist of the Title Perdu Cirque was assigned to promote comic book artist in his area and to achieve it we create an open call to emerging artist interested in publish overseas their comic book idea, since we knew that the task will be a hard one we did worked directly with the Mexican Government Cultural Committee in charge to promote all artistic expressions of the region to make sure that we meet our goal and reach a good number of interested people in the area (here is the Archived NOTE).

A few pictures of the promo posters distributed all over the place.

We did received the regional coverage and a great response from comic book artist, we successfully received about 15 different comic book proposal for our consideration, most of the projects were focused in a variety of styles including manga, historical comic book and fantasy.

After the selection was done, the project selected was Dark Blood, and the process to make it happen was fun but like every other project will take time to have it completed.

So, today we are proud to present this fantastic issue #1 of our horror-terror stories the original plot and artwork is done by Jose Luis Gonzalez an emerging comic book artist from the region, the writing and Art Direction is done by myself, and with the book finally published and in its way to the comic book stores and to the comic book shows we stand up our word to support emerging comic book artist in their publishing and learning experience.
A few inside pages of Dark Blood

by the way, you can get  your number 1 of this series today!!!