The Studiocomix experience @ GTA Comic Con 2014

Hello everyone finally we manage to have a reasonable weather here in Ontario, yes you hear right, in the last few months we experience only snow and cold but with the warm weather approaching the events are lining up and of course we have a few to cover this year, buuuuuuuuuuuuut right now we are going to talk about the First Edition of the GTA Comic Con, Oh yeah! for the last few months the same team who put together the Ontario and Burlington Toy Shows finally decided to jump into the comic book convention scene, and in my personal opinion I think that they did it in an excellent way!...  also for us was a few months of preparation to make sure that we have everything ready since the show organizers ask me to create and put together a convention exclusive, so The Night Spike #3 was the only convention exclusive with the GTA comic con logo right at the front making it a great collectible for the show!...(or at least the only comic book that I actually saw)
then the variant cover featuring Spike, Bell, Salsa, Nacho and Wakamole was the one selected, and it looked great, also we managed to have ready the certificates of authenticity per book! a nice way to have your book with a certificate included, we ran a 200 limited edition of this book but as a nice add to the celebration of the first year of the GTA Comic Con we included the first print of Spike & Bell with a CN tower background, the CN tower is one of the icons of Toronto and that was the reason why decided to include it only for the first 50 lucky ones that purchase their books.
I want to thank Paula and Steve for their ongoing support and also congratulate them and their whole team for this first edition of the GTA Comic Con, so here we go with.........

The Show

It was only reasonable to make it a one day show (for this first edition) but since I saw a lot of people (and in my personal opinion) was a great crowd!!.  I don't know if at this stage the show have the potential to be a 2 day show, but of course with the great capacity and organization skills of Paula and Steve something like that can be done, of course I'm mentioning this because I heard it as a suggestion from someone else, although it could be really cool for future editions of the GTA but who knows!!. this first show was a fantastic one!

In general the organization was great, the comic book dealers, artist alley, toy dealers and their celebrities were all well located, actually their celebrities were located at the entrance so when you walk in the Sheraton Airport Hotel & Conference Centre was the first thing that you see!

Right at the entrance of the Sheraton

Side view

another Side view
Our booth

this time we were located a few steps away from the entrance, our booth was displaying all our existing books including the new launches "The Victory" and "The guy with the crystal skull" but also the night Spike #3 Convention Exclusive, great location!

Also you can see that I finally find the way to display all the Studiocomix's existing titles it gets a little tricky when you have to have displayed 26 different books but here it is, the final result! 

The people I meet!

Rob Guillory artist  of the Chew series! a fantastic person to meet, he was also presenting a variant Cover of The Field #1 so, we exchanged books and he actually sign it for me, thank you again Rob.

Professional Wrestler and Hardcore princess Jewells Malone, you can tell that she is indeed a professional and a great person, she got her copy of TNS an I did ask her if she ever though to become a comic book character, but I will not hare the answer ha ha ha ha ha.... thank you for the photo and autograph Jewells!

Burlington Batman I finally got the chance to meet the actual superhero, he also told me to "be safe" so I will!

Vickybunnyangel the cosplayer stopped by my booth too, cool girl!

And last but not least Roger Mitchell, actor from The walking dead, The Hunger Games, The Anchorman and most recently appearance in the Fast and Furious, but over all a great cool person and a good friend! he did grab a copy of TNS and give me a few autographs in exchange, but surprisingly he stopped by my booth hours later and purchase one of the FanArts prints that I'd have for sale, I'm so happy that I got the chance to chat for a long time with him and have the honour to said that he did owns some of my artwork, it was a blast to meet you and I was super to chat with you, thank you Roger!

Roger Mitchell a reader of The Night Spike

Roger Mitchell and Alfonso Espinos


The moment when Roger Mitchell got his FanArt poster

even that was only a day show, it was really crowded, and specially with media, so during the day I got the chance to chat with a lot of people including the TV crew of the Comic Book Culture and for what they were telling me they have a good action plan for their future shows, so check out their site HERE


The amazing podcast an elegant weapon was there!! a great chat and a really cool dude his podcast is simply phenomenon, check it our HERE


Also my good good good old friends from the "We got the Geek" Podcast were visiting too, and of course they stopped by a few times!! by the way they are putting together their first GeekFest Trivia, and to be honest sounds like a lot of fun!! check out the event HERE and don't forget to check out their podcast HERE

also I did chat with my good friends and celebs Steph from the Geek chick elite, Dan Hammond, the Joker guy, Vince Thompson, Lara and Paul from DragonJaded Studios and of course Doctor Stevl!

And also a special cheer goes to my friends of the Toy Society, and for more to come!
click HERE

And of course the wanted section of The copsplays.... even if they were a lot of them I didn't have too much time to take pics :(  (shame on you Alfonso)

no cosplayers this time, only this pic! :(

Over all GTA Comic Con  a great experience!!!!! and I will be there for a second round, then See you next year GTA Comic Con !!!

Alfonso Espinos