Studiocomix @ Sarnia Pop Culture Show II

Well, March its over and it seems like this first trimester of 2014 has gone fast, maybe the reason is because I have being really busy with the development of The Night Spike #4, but that not all I also have been following up all the existing titles like All Jack City, 2010, Perdu Cirque, Vinny & Bud and The six faces of Dice, another plan that has being a reality is that this year I'd forecast to introduce 4 more new series to the Studiocomix titles, so far we have done two of them: The Victory and The guy with the Crystal Skull, as some of you know the development of the books is a time consuming activity but really rewarding when you receive any type of feedback from your readers. 

Also if all of this wasn't  enough we have been participating in many shows and we have forecast to be in so many more for the rest of the year, so traveling all around is kind of in my plans for the next few months, even if that may sound  really stressful is quite nice to travel to different places like last weekend, Me and Matt went to visit Sarnia, yes! we were at the Sarnia Pop Culture Show II for the very first time and it was simply amazing!! here is the Studiocomix Experience @ the SPCSII

The Show


This is the SPCS second edition and as far I we experience throughout the day the in one word the place was "packed" with fans, one great thing about the show was the fact that besides the regular comic dealers the highlight was the comic guest, here is the list,

The location was fantastic and the people were great, for a single day comic book show this one has the Studiocomix Title of "best one day Comic Book show 2014" so far!, some of the good old friends were there like Doctar StEvil, Wes and Ramon from Hangland Comics, Julie Faulkner and Shane Heron.
 Our Booth

We were near by the entrance, right beside the poster dealer, our table was outlined a little funny since we were right at the corner, and half of our table was kind of blocked by the $15 dollar deal bin from the neighbor but that wasn't a problem because we manage to make out space stand out and make it a successful day!

The people I meet

This  time I dint have too much time to linger around but I have the chance to chat with our other neighbour Tony Gray a local artist an a good friend of David Finch and Creator of the Conduit get to know more of him his work and his crew HERE

And of course the Cosplayers !!

Fantastic experience and will be there for the SPCS III if we get invited again!! se' you next year SPCS!

 Alfonso Espinos
Studiocomix Press