The Studiocomix Press experience @ the Toronto ComicCon 2014

Hello good friends!!, here we go again!, it's March already and for many artist and colleagues the "Convention Season" its officially open, since the Toronto Comicon is one of the biggest show of the month, however for us has being convention season all year long :S yes, we actually Started our year at the ToyCon on January, this show as held in Burlington, no more to say than the show is always fantastic, lots of collectors, a lot of good fun and a unique crowd, I cannot forget to mention about the Staff that put together the show are amazing people!

Here is the shot of the Studiocomix Press setting at the Burlington ToyCon 2014 (January)
On February we attend the Kitchener Collectors and Antique Show, since this was our very first time attending this type of show the crowd was different but amazing as well, we decide to do the show since it was so close of were we are located and to keep in touch with the fantastic local people in our community, over all February was a busy month too, and the show was fine.

Studiocomix @ Kitchener Collectibles Show

But the reality is that Toronto ComiCon always has the magic to reunite all the artist and put together a good show, so Studiocomix Press was there to chat with the people and promote our existing and new comic book releases, I have to say that the experience was great!!

So here it is the Studiocomix Press experience at the Toronto ComiCon 2014!

The Show

In general all the hobby star events are well organized, the location (Toronto Metro Convention Centre) is the place to do this type of shows, at some point talking with my good good friend that Joker Guy he pointed at me that it may be more artist than actual retailers/Vendors and I think that he was right, so it makes a fantastic 3 day event to have lots of artist experiences and get to meet and greet them.

Our booth was located on A281 a great location and our show neighbours in both sides were fantastic!!

To mention  here some of my good friends that I saw at the show were:

- Peter
- Lara and Paul
- The GCE team
- Mike Roth
- Of course my dearest friends Joker Guy and Erin Cossar
- El Julio (vamos pa' adelante)
- Julie Faulkner (oh my! I laugh so much with you all the time)
- My great partner Vince Thompson
- Khurt Lenher, cool as always!
-  The Toronto X-Men
- The amazing people and great friends of the Comic book warehouse!!
- Shane Heron, another great good friend.
- Allanah Kelly awesome girl!
And  a real good pal Dr. Stevil!

And if I'm forgetting anyone please do not get mad, just send me a reminder or leave a comment and I will add your name in the list, you gotta understand that memory worsen with age he he... 

Also this year they brought some good stars to the show, you were able to meet  Giancarlo Esposito (Gus From Breaking Bad), Brandon Routh (Superman from Superman Returns), Elisa Dushku (Dollhouse) and Billy Boyd and Sean Astin (Pippin and Sam in the lord of the rings) to mention some of the names of the big list of fantastic actor and actresses.
It was a good selection of names that definitely brought the attention of a lot of people!

 Our booth
This year we did have so many surprises including the recent launch of two of our new series The Victory #1 and the Guy with the Crystal Skull #1 both of them were there as part of the Studiocomix Feature presentation for the Toronto ComiCon, and of course we did manage to have most of the back issues for sale too.

Day One right after the booth set up!

Happy with the final set up!

The People I meet

This year was different, but really pleased to meet the people that I meet, starting of with  the Fantastic host from Dream Fulfillment from Alexandra Kaklamatos , her show is about fulfilled the dreams of woman of the region of Durham and Oshawa, I personally think that is a great concept, and in top of that she is an artist an a creative mind, was really pleasant to give her some pointers when it comes to fulfill her dream and I honestly hope that she reaches her dream, great girl and she has a great family!

The surprises

Well, even if I have meet with a lot of good actors and actress this year I consider it special,  Teddy Wilson one of the hosts from Inner Space, walk by my booth, I did have the chance to talk to him for a few minutes and he remembered that we got the chance to meet a few years back, that was just amazing, here is the photo!! it was just fantastic! what an awesome guy!

What I missed

Well This year I didn't really want to get anything specific, except get the chance to meet Giancarlo but he was always super busy, however I think I will have another chance in some other show, this same year by the way.

One thing that I love is the wanted section for The Cosplyers! a great collection of good characters! Congratulations to all of them they were amazing!!!

If you see your pic here feel free to download it and if you are super amazing leave a comment!

Another Fantastic year, just good experiences, so get ready because we will be there next year, until then see you next year Toronto ComiCon and for you see you in the next post!
Studiocomix press


  1. Awesoem photos my sister and I had an awesome time - Elsa and Ginny Weasly

    1. happy to hear that you had fun! hope to see you next year !!!


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