March Features The guy with the Crystal skull, a new Studiocomix Press launch!

Howdy dear readers! we are starting the first trimester of 2014 and for us have been amazing!!

Lots of shows, lots of fun, but specially this 2014 its an important year or Studiocomix Press because we are presenting more new series and continuing the existing series that we already have, and of course preparing more material for all our fans and readers.

Another amazing thing that I want to point out is the great response and traffic that we have experienced here in our Studiocomix Official website, the growth has being considerable in the last three years but in the last 10 months we have the best numbers in the whole story so far, so.... for all the people and visitors many many thanks.

Last month we feature The Victory and amazing go-Kart racing story (read the note here), and of course this month we are glad to introduce you to another brand new story "The Guy with Crystal Skull".

Even thought that many may think that creating a book based in the crystal skull may sound repetitive, this story is focused in a complete different aspect of the crystal skull, actually will became more interesting as the the story move froward, the plot has Allan as the main character of the series, this guy after a few years to be away from his home town he has decided to return to find out that the place where he used to call home is now a real dangerous place dominated by gangs and corruption, what they don't know is that Allan posses the crystal Skull, this will lead him to a series of problems in the future.

The artwork was developed by Ariel Valenzuela an Argentinian artist who has developed the graphic style for the comic also a lot of action, simply fantastic!!

The story developed also by Alfonso Espinos  and Ariel Valenzuela.

So, if you are ready to get your number one of this fantastic comic, don't forget to visit the Studiocomix On line store!!! and order it!

Also dont forget to keep posted as this is the beginning of a great story!

Here are some teasers of the Artwork!!!!