Studiocomix at the ToyCon September 2013

Hello everyone, Toy con was a lot of fun, lot of people and lot of friends, so here is our small coverage of the event.

The Show

The actual event was a one day show,what is really good for a ToyCon, we were located right at the entrance of the show!!.. and I like it because I got the chance to greet almost everyone who walk into the show!!...

For this Canadian ToyCon Also we have the great opportunity to work together with the Toycon Organizers and put together a Variant cover of one of our series, yes! All Jack City #6 (the end of the first season) was featured as a ToyCon exclusive, the cover variant created by Carlos Bernal (better known as Cacha) he did a great job in this last installment of the season one!....

(Blue Cover = regular cover,  Orange cover= exclusive limited edition For the ToyCon)

I also have the chance to meet John Ross Bowie who play Barry Kripke on The Big Bang Theory Tv series, amazing guy to chat!!..

And right beside him Ian Scott Rudolph who play Captain Sweatpants on The Big Bang Theory Tv series, another really good fella!

The show always flow really good, lots of toy collectors and specially lots of friends!, here are a few shots of the actual show both distribution!!

I was a little busy at times doing some free sketches (like always) and cheering with everyone!
 Also, my good friends of the We got the Geek podcast they were doing the coverage of the Canadian ToyCon and they stop by to chat about the new and future projects, you can listen to the whole interview HERE

And of course a few of 
The Cosplayers 

Amazing Show, See you on January @ the Canadian Toycon 2014