Studiocomix at the GenreCon 2013

Howdy everyone, it seems like there is no too much to say, events and cons had have being crazy in the last few months and here we are getting you the Studiocomix coverage of the GenreCon 2013, as you already noticed by the last few post I recently did I rather to describe the pictures better than overflow the post with explanations and text, so here we go.... the Studiocomix experience at the GenreCon 2013

The Event

GenreCon is a really really small show, I'm presuming that the number of attendants were less than 500 in the whole 2 day event, in general the show was good, a lot of good artist and really cool staff, In general the show was fine.

The Doctor Who society brought their real size Daleks and they were scouting the area chatting and  "exterminating" people hehe.... this time I made it, I survived!

Here is the Studiocomix Booth  this time around I got a nice corner. 

Smiley boy  at the Studiocomix Booth , hehe ....

I also set up a table banner that displays all our Variant covers, that made me realize that some of them are completely sold out, and also showcase our comics to the public, that make me realize that we are on the right track and doing comics in the right way, for a company like us to have already 4 variant covers of our existing books is just a great highlight, this variant covers include the #3B of 2010 series first variant cover ever made for the Kazoo Fest, the #6A of All Jack City series the first variant cover ever made for the Canadian ToyCon, and #2A and #2B of the Night Spike series, that includes the first variant cover ever made for the Art-O-Con and the first variant Cover ever made for ComiCon Mexico and the very first variant cover of an existing ongoing comic book of this type ever done in Mexico! and that is something to be proud of :)

We also brought almost all the Studiocomix back issues !!

The Guest

Like any other show I'm happy to see new faces but also old good friends, Adriana Blake and Julie Faulkner were there! We have the chance to chat a lot specially because they were located right across from I was located, Adriana surprise me with this Bell Sketch!!... simply amazing!!

Don't forget to read their weekly webcomics they are a lot of fun, read Adriana's Webcomic HERE and Julie's Webcomic HERE

 Another guest was Melynda Moon a 23 year old alternative model, Geek Girl and YouTube blogger from Guelph Ontario. She is well known for her modified elf ears!


And a happy reader of The Night Spike! get to know more about Melynda Moon HERE

 And here it is the most wanted section!
The Cosplayers

If you see your face here leave a comment or share the post it will be greatly appreciated!





Well that is for our coverage of the GenreCon 2013, we hope to be there next year until then Cheers!!!

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