Studiocomix at Niagara Falls ComiCon 2013

Hey Studiocomix Readers a fer weeks we attend the NFCC 2013 and it was a great show! this time around we have the chance to meet and greet some amazing people but specially we have the chance to talk to lots of new readers, was our first time at the Niagara Falls Comic Con 2013 and we don't have any regrets, the show was amazing and we are ready for the NFCC 2014 !!

This  show was special for us because we have the chance to launch our monthly book, and this time around was the month to present The Six Faces of a Dice #5 by Juan Sepulveda & Andres Gimeno, the continuation of the Thrilling stories based in the human responses to day-to-day situations and always ending with a surprise.

But it will be better if you see it for yourself, here are some of the pics taken at the show including some videos.

Here is the First panoramic view from Friday, and as you can tell  there was a big crowd already, really impressive!


Here we are Matt and I ready to rock at the Show, one thing that i have to recognize is that the actual set up of the tables was INCREDIBLE!, well arranged and spacious enough to move around, even give us some chance to put our banners in the back.


A few talbes away was John J. C. Bulmer with his great prints, we did chat a lot in the show, by the way do not forget to visit his site HERE

the Toronto X-men Doing some sort of show!!


Even that this show draws a lot of people, This one specially bring up some of the old props from the POP culture, but what I like the most was some of the really cool stuff that they were displaying, for instance, the  Original Bat-movile!!,  nice and shiny!

The Ontario Ghostbustes like always having a massive display of Ghostbusters props, including this real size poster of Vigo from the Ghostbusters 2 and a few proton Packs!

This robost from "Doctor Who"  are so funny and cool, when they roll around the con the have this robot-voice saying the most funnies things ever!

This were some of the actual designs used for the Silent Hill 2 Movie,

The Cars from the Hazard Dukes!

The General Lee!!! epic !, because I remember watching the series what i was a kid!
There was some more stuff, toys, posters, but I will prepare another post whit those ones because I really want to show you...


Staring Of with Colin Chilvers , this nice guy was the one in charge of the Superman special effects (the old one with Christoper Reeve), and for that he won an OSCAR!! yes ladies an Gents I was right beside form an Oscar winning guy, we actually chat for quite some time, he was really nice and told me a few stories..

I was really happy to get to know someone that can tell you their experiences and lean from them, i thought that it was it and my day was already made but when I pay attention to his biography I notice that he actually worked with Michael Jackson in the Moonwalker Movie!, nice! nice! nice!!... 


For one split second  I thought that the Thrill was over, but he asked me if I wanted to Hold the Oscar.... you dont want to know my answer because here is the living proof that I did have one of those in my hands!... I need to be honest and I was a little shaky because those Oscars are really heavy!,

The next one in line was Paris Thenmen, this guy how played Mike Tee-Vee" from the original Wille Wonka move, he actually sing me a  Golden Ticket, really cool guy and a fantastic good friend!!

Lee Meriwether how played Cat Woman in the Batman Movie Starting Adam West, and an amazing person

Marc Silvestri

The Conventioneers, awesome guys and readers of the Night Spike!!

And Of course one of the attractions of this type of shows is the pasarela of Cosplayers bringing the fashion to the show,  here is the Studiocomix Favs for this show, if you see your pic here leave a comment!!

 I can say that for us Studiocomix Press Niagara Falls Comic Con Was one of the best shows that we have ever attend, if they ask us if we will ever come back the answer will be YES, so see you next year NFCC.

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