Studiocomix at Fan Expo 2013, the Experience!

Howdy everyone!, one more year and we couldn't be any happier after 4 days of comics, toys, fans, TV stars and Studiocomix at the Fan Expo 2013!! like always they just can stop bringing the good stuff and every year doing huge improvements to make the show a real good experience!. so here we go!

Let's Start with..

 The show
Once again the FanExpo was held at the Toronto Metro Conventions Centre, but this time around they use both sides of the building, on one side all exhibitors and  in the other side were all the Movie Stars, actually it wast a bad idea because the feedback from the visitors was that they were more space to walk around instead of being rubbing and pushing in one single side, and I personally thing that was an amazing idea, the only bad thing is that to go from one side of the building to another you spend good 10 minutes in electrical stairs, walkways, doors and people.

The entrance to the south bounding!

Stairs to the North building, full of people, including some cosplayers!

At the North building, where all the TV stars were allocated this year, lines and lines of fans waiting to meet and great their favourite actor or actress.

On my way back to the South building
Right by the entrance of the south building, people were flooding from everywhere!!!

And here we are Booth A352 Studiocomix Press, All Jack City #6 was officially presented at the show!

 but we did have all back issues for sale at the show too, from the Hurricane to The Night Spike.

And then, I kind of fall asleep, hahaha...  one of those unsolicited photos that I found in the camera, was taken in the moment when you are trying to smile and sleep at the same time!..

Any way, this year like every year I want to walk around meet my fav actress, make some shopping, but since all the big stars were a little bit far away from my booth and I didn't want to leave it unattended, I limit myself to meet local stars, actually and surprising as talented as any of the  big TV stars, so here is the list of ...

The people I meet!
 Starting of with Ty Templeton who signed my Batman Adventures book,  check out his site HERE

Master Mike Migniola who doesn't need introduction signing my Hellboy poster I was so happy to finally meet him that I completely forgot to take a picture with him hahah...

And one of my favorite Toronto Burlesque Actress Read Herring , a super really nice girl, I'm sure that you will find more of this videos HERE

I also got a sketch form a Infinity Disney artist, he sketch a Mickey mouse for me!

Here is the final sketch, and the picture!

Staja an Ottawa producer of geek-art-crafts, and my neighbor at the con for this year, here is two pics of the costumes that she was wearing , you can check more of her stuff HERE


Sometimes you just need to give it a try, and to be honest I did, that is what happen with Versus Valerie, and I have the honor to meet with some of the producers actors and actress form the show, here is this great shot with Hanna Spear the lead actress of  Versus Valerie a comedy show with all geek related, like I said you just need to give it a try.... Below you will find Episode One Season One!

Since you are surrounded by Zombies, spider-mans and more characters you dont really recognize how is real or who is not? meaning that if you see a guy wearing a police uniform you may think that is a cosplay ... but not in this case... this Two elements were walking around making sure to "serve and protect"  however they stopped a second to read The Nigh Spike and they liked it.

So, remember boys and girls!!  The Night Spike a comic book  that can put a smile even in the most though ones!

The Attractions 
thousands and thousands of memorabilia and stuff, take a look!

The Lego booth getting ready for the upcoming movie

The Hasbro Booth, with toys and give aways!
more lego stuff

The Cosplayers!..
Like every year there is a collection of superheroes, characters, and more just walking around shopping and having fun, here is the collection of the ones that I have the chance to take a pic, most of them did a real well done job, some others just do it for the passion for their favorite character (and is great too), since here is no competition and only enjoyment here are the snaps! ..... ready?....

I ask to the Fairly  Oddparents to gramtn me the wish to come back next year, and they say.... GRANTED!!! so thank you!! thank you !! to all of the people and fans that stop by this year... and for sure see you next year Fan Expo 2014 , I just start getting ready!!
Alfonso Espinos
Studiocomix Presss

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