Studicoomix at the ConBravo 2013

Hello there, one more time want to thank everyone that stopped to our booth at the ConBravo 2013, this year was amazing for us, lots of fans, lots of friends and lots of cosplayers. This show was special because it was our very first time at the ConBravo  and of course we did have the chance to interact with lots of  new and old people during the 3 days of the show, the amazing part was the amount of cosplayers and all the special Youtube guests!!!

 So, here it is the amazing outcome of the show.

For this show we try to have our monthly issue and of course this month was the turn of  Perdu Cirque #2, Amazing Artwork of Ignacio Garcia and the story by Alfonso Espinos and Igancio Garcia, this second issue is the continuation of the thrilling-funny story of the old school circus monsters making a come back, Lola a recent orphan and her two brother must crack a mystery surrounding the circus..... this is going to be even better on Perdu Cirque #3.... almost ready!, any way, for this show we did presented this issue and the people at the show loved it!


What I keep looking after is the rest of the current titles like the All Jack City of Carlos Bernal, Hurricane of Miguel Mar and Pablo Violante, 2010 of Jorge Robles, The six Faces of a Dice of Juan Sepulveda and The Night Spike of Alfonso Espinos, every single issue that we print is another achievement in the "no, you can't do it" list specially for the ones that they doubt on us as a strong team.
This month was also really special because we solidify another two projects ready to come out, even though that we already have the whole book ready to roll we are waiting fro their right moment to shine, like we did with All Jack City or Jorge Robles's 2010, I really want those new titles to be great titles like the current Studiocomix published books. we love our readers and we have gain their trust, now we can't step back, so far we have being doing our best in our books ... and we will until the end.
So wait for new Studiocomx Issues and more surprises in the following months, but...... anyway coming back to the ConBravo,....We were located in the Exhibitors Hall both A45, with two corners, although the hallways for the people to walk were a bit small right at the front of the table, specially for the cosplayers were always bouncing with my table of the one in front of me, but nothing mayor.


Here is view of the Exhibitors Hall Left side

Here is a view of the Exhibitors Hall front side

Here is a vie of the Autograph and promos section where all the Youtube stars were located


For what I heard they were a lot of the popular Youtube guys, unfortunately I'm not a big Youtube watcher so, sadly (for me , I guess..) I couldn't recognize most of the names presented as featured guest, despite that when it comes to this type of Fandom I acknowledge that there is a lot of potential.

This bring to the following pic when Doug Walker The Nostalgia Critic was browsing through the artist alley and stop to chat with us for like 20 minutes, he did said the "he like our Job", and he picked up his Special book, in the time that he was in our both I take more than 10 pics of fans acknowledging his work. It was really fun to see. 

My guest on Saturday and Sunday, Vince Thompson from the Vinny and Bud Comix, like always awesome guys and getting ready for the new surprises.

Christopher Chamberlain, also making his appearance is always nice to talk to him and another great convention colleague.

Another of my Special Guest, Allanah Kelly (better known for her costume of the bearded lady from Art-o-con) returning for more!!!!... yes she actually did came back for the second issue of her favourite series Perdu Cirque, Allanah you are the best!

And of course as promised, The Cosplayers!

Well I take the following picture and letting them know that I do like their costumes, and I will vote for them at the masquerade......

what I didn't know was that they were real police walking in a comic book convention ......(plop!).  so I saved my vote for any of the following Cosplayers , all are winners to me!!

Nothing else but good memories, see you next yearConBravo 2014!!