Studiocomix at ToyCon, Art-O-Con and CCAF 2013

Hello everyone, This first 5 Months of 2013 have been a really busy time in many ways, starting of with our compromise to keep the Studiocomix Press Publishing monthly, also making sure that we are in track of the events to attend, and last but no least follow up with the artist and writers of the existing and upcoming Studiocomix titles, yes! It seems like in this new wave we have gain more and more readers and followers and of course we love to have more and more readers, but more than that we want lots of friends.

So, the after many moons we finally have up and running our Facebook Fan Page where you can keep in track and in direct touch with the whole Studiocomix Team, we post pictures and announcements of our past and upcoming events simply go to and don't forget to like us in one simple click away!

In the list of improvements we have upgraded our website, we decide to change our dark outline to a clear mood, we also improve the menus to a more user friendly format, in the last few years we have working in innovating not only the website but different aspects of our design including our main brand, so this is only the first stage of more to come.

But that is not it, we also kept busy promoting all Studiocomix Titles in various shows, at the beginning of the year (February) we start off with the Idea Factory done by the Cambridge Libraries and Galleries

A show 100% for Youth in the area but the main focus of the event is to open the creativity of kids and offer them various possibility in which can be used, for instance they have a Video game creation booth, a storytelling section, musical section, and of course the drawing and inking section done by us, kids were able to put their ideas on paper and participate in the creation of a comic book, we manage to achieve a 30 Ft piece of artwork in the format of a comic book from the event, it was amazing see the participation of small and big kids in the room, here some pics

Kids participating in the creation of a comic book 

Musical Centre

Here it is some Tweets of the day you can follow the trend at @nerds_library

And of course here is the Best Buy of the event, lol.

The day right after we were attending the Canadian Toy Con 2013, a one day show with an amazing crowd and really cool people also we have there the announcement of one of our titles 6FOAD #4 

The location was incredible the Burlington botanical Gardens, a great site and well located, here we are right in the spotlight (literally lol..) ,
Also our Friends Of Geek Chic Elite posted a few lines of our participation in their site click HERE to read

Some of the great people that I have the chance to talk was the Toronto X-Men, amazing guys and really cool to chat with them, by the way you can see Multiple-man reading 2010 and Gambit holding TNS, so even the Toronto X-men are Studiocomix fans.

Also two booths away was Leonard Kirk, exclusive artist for Marvel Comics and he had worked for Supergirl, JSA, Star Trek, Batman, and Witchblade, he was selling some original art and I couldn't say no to him, so I add up this two treasures to my geek collection.

And after so may years I finally buy this guy, He-man the remake of the action figure based in the original toys, I was wanting get this one for a long time.

and of course here is some more great pictures...

 Stay Puff that came long with the Toronto Ghostbusters.

In the following weeks I also visited the Kazoo Fest, after two consecutive years of being part of the show we couldn't make it to the registration this year and we were left out, however I stop by the day of the show to look around and I felt a little disappointed when I noticed that was a lot of empty spots, I want to think that was for some "last minute cancellations", the show in general was more focused to the real Indie and underground market, and a limited amount of comic book creators, there was a few really good artist that I get to talk, most of the other artist were focused in other forms of media like prints or zines, by the way one small Zine that caught my eye was Super Baby Jesus, totally indie, fun, short and entertaining, the art is a great treat, check out his page in  I couldn't say no to the 5 piece mini combo with all the Super Baby Jesus strips.

The next show is the CCAF 2013 or Cambridge Comic Arts festival, a show that was proposed by me to the Cambridge Galleries and Libraries to offer a spotlight to the comic book creators and  to the local people, we find out that within the area Cambridge- Kitchener/ Waterloo there is no comic book Expo focused to the comic book industry, so then in collaboration with Cambridge Libraries and Galleries after a year of talking about the project we finally decide to to arrange something that it was solely dedicated to the comic book market.

The date that we choose for this first edition was May 4th, 2013 of course the same day as Free Comic Book Day! and we manage to have more than 5 artist exciting in the lobby of the Queen Square library Lobby, the event was a great achievement if was hard to have the local comic book business sending people to the event sine free comic book day is like the boxing day for comic book stores, however we manage to have great quorum and amazing results, all the artist were really happy exhibiting and we definitely are  targeting to do the event one more time, here are some pics of the event.

A special thanks to Cambridge Times to add the note of the event in the newspaper
You can read the note HERE

As a personal note I want to thank  to Adriana Blake and Julie Faulkner for their support previous, during and after the event, besides to be great artist that I have the chance to have as neighbors in previous shows are really good friends of mine!! also to Christopher Chamberlain, Katie Shanahan and Claudio Guirado that I get to know a little bit more of them and was such a please to have them over the show!

Here are some great pics.

Studiocomix Stand Up Banner

Katie Shanahan & the silly Kingdom, you want to know more about it? click HERE

Adriana Blake briefing about her Web comic "Fall on Me", have you read it? no? well, click HERE

During the comic book & Manga Presentation, kids doing some artwork!

Small and Big, here are some alternative artist participation in the continuous comic book.

Julie Faulkner and her web comic Promises Promises , Really funny! read it HERE

Christopher Chamberlain

 A special thank you to Jude Richardson for this amazing pictures.

Then the following day we attend the Art-O-Con in Burlington, this was their second edition, a show that had a lot of buzz in the social media and a Great chance, I get to meet the organizers (at the Toycon by the way) and they invite me for the show, then a few weeks later and after arranging our participation in the show we manage to arrange for the event the the creation of a Special Edition Comic Book of  TNS#2 with a limited variant cover, it was the event exclusive!

I want to thank to all attendants to the show and also to Paul and Lara organizers for the great effort to make this show a great event, kudos my friends!

The show was also a one day but a long one because they were open until 9 pm that day, the show was a great experience and definitely will be there for the next year, the location of the show was at the Burlington's Holiday Inn, and a lot of amazing indie and local Artist were there to attend the show as well, the Studiocomix stand was located right by the entrance, and it was a good chance to put up our new stand up banners, the flow of the people was consistent thru the whole show, I might say that wasn't a time when the show was really empty, we get to know a lot of amazing people and artist.

One of the local artist that we meet this year was Allanah Kelly who or a few hours was walking around like the bearded lady and I couldn't resist to ask her a pic, later she got her copy of Perdu Crique #1 based  in the story of the freak circus  show where the bearded lady will appear, thank you Allanah!

Also most of you guys know that I'm a supporter of any independent form of art specially comic books, movies, animation, well ... to summarize most of the geek related stuff.. and of course I got the chance to acquire this nice combo of movies from my friends of Black Fawn Films, totally awesome!! if you haven't see them here is the trailers of the movies

And of course here are some more nice pics from the Art-O-Con 2013

This guy is a convention Classic, the Dr. Evil guy that I see in every convention.

And of course I got some great treats this convention, Starting of this Print done by John C. Bulmer, if you want to know more about his artwork you can visit his Site , I got his Deadpool, he also made some videos of the process of the piece, here is the one for the one I got.

we also got interviewed by the Team of We got the Geek, a site dedicated to all things geek, great content, good interviews and a lot of info, check the site HERE 

 or go direct to the Alfonso Espinos Interview hi the link below

A nice sketchbook of Vince Sunico, amazing artwork and great people, he Participates with the team of  Spent Pencil , more of his artwork HERE also a Cheer to my colleague Alvaro Cruz
Also this other comic called "The tales of the gray earth The WEX" done by Collin Campbell and Philip Paynter and you can find more information HERE

And of course a few orphan-artwork better known as "huerfanitos"

Well, so far have been a real busy, and that is not it we are getting ready to attend The Cambridge Arts festival, Niagara Falls Comic Con, Con Bravo and Expo Fan , and it may be a few other show that we appear but we haven't confirmed yet, also dont forget to stop by our nice updated Studiocomix online store where you can buy all back issues of your favorites series and you can get the pre-sales for the upcoming books too, you can find the link in the main menu of Simply click HERE

Any way,

keep it posted because there is more Studiocomix to come!

Studiocomix Press.