Exclusive - AJC#5 Promo Sale! Limited Time

Hello Everyone,

We finally manage to upload a specific site where you will be able to find all special promos and Pre-sales,  I personally think that this specific site was necessary because here you will be able to get only the promotions with extra-exclusive stuff no to be confused with the regular issues that we have currently printed, however I think it's a great opportunity to test it out and determinate if the site-tool is functional and see how much response we have from you, the readers!

So, due to that we are now presenting Studiocomix Press publications every month (that's right, you read correctly , a new Studiocomix Issue EVERY MONTH) we officially inaugurated the Exclusive Shop. To be honest the design its nothing fancy what I'm looking for is functionality for you,.. the user of the site.

And as an exclusive celebrating the site's inauguration (Drum-roll!!!) we have (more Drum-roll!)

All Jack City #5 
ready and good to go!

You can buy AJC#5 in stores since lat week. check out the Facebook Page, but now you can get it via the Exclusive Shop, you want more? 
Well.. in the next following days you are going to get 2 X1, that's right, so every purchase of AJC#5 comes with a FREE copy of The Night Spike #0 FREE!! so you pay one and you get two!
do you want more? well ... to make sure that you didn't have any excuses to say no, the cover price is only CAD$3.75!! right the cover price of all upcoming Studiocomix Publications starting 2013 will be only CAD$3.75 , that is  2.25 USD less than the previous issues!

So you only pay CAD$5.50 (CAD$3.75 cover price + CAD$1.75shipping & handling), and you get 2 comic book, dont miss the chance to get it because its gout to be only for limited time!

Get ti now! HERE
or click in the image Below!

Keep yourself posted!
more news coming right up!
Studiocomix Press


  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Pormo sale? or Porno sale? I don't get it...

  2. hahahahah ...it was a Typo!, now it's corrected, thanks for the heads up!


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