All Jack City #5 on the go!

That is right dear Studiocomix Readers, the new issue of the funny series All Jack City #5 is ready to hit the stores, Saturday its the day!!....  As you can see we dont stop publishing we have manage to maintain out regular publications on the go, and this year 2013 he have a goal to publish at least once a month!! that's right, one Studiocomix Press title every 30 days or less.

We also are updating our Online store, we have had a lot of regular buyers asking us why the site is not checking out properly.. for them i can say "please be patient" we are working on these "bugs" to make sure your shopping experience is quick and the best on line!! so for now the alternative is to send  an email to:

and include the Issues that you want to get, and in a maximum period of 48 hours, you will receive the instructions to make your purchase, please include the description that you attempt to use the online Store and I will make sure to include in your purchase a nice Surprise!

Bu the way,!!! many thanks to Retro Rocket Comics, he has been a great suporter of Studiocomix Press publications, please chek out the website :

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And keep yourself posted because we will announce the Upcoming Studiocomix Pres presentations.

Se ya!