Studiocomix - Fan Expo 2012

Hey there!, well another fantastic year for Studiocomix at Fan Expo and this year I had have the chance to (once again) talk and interact with so many cool artist, and famous stars in the comic book world and movies but the most important goal was the direct contact with our readers, fans... with you!... the ones that make Studiocomix a real publishing company growing every day, to all of you thank you very much for supporting shows like Fan Expo but even more thank you for stopping by in the Studiocomix booth.

This year I have amazing opportunity to talk to a lot of people, more like outsiders or "first timers" in a comic book show without leaving behind to all the fans who attended the show in previous years, both groups were great feedback to keep growing as an artist and a company.

Well then lets put aside the whole "cheer-me-up" thing and lets talk about the actual show!

As you may remember in previous years Fan Expo ran only for 3 days, so this year the organizers decided that an extra day will be more appropriate, I personally think it was a good idea because there is sooooooooo much stuff to see within the show and for the real fans 3 days wasn't enough time to cover every single corner of the show, for those ones wanting to line up for 1 hour or more to get the autograph of their favourite comic book artist or TV actor that extra day was a highlight.

Another thing that I noticed is that every single year the show and the organizers make an effort yo have good quality of their featured guests, so every year the show is getting better and better, that may be the reason why Expo Fan attract about 80,000 fans this year!!! and no wonder since in within the list of special guest was Co-publisher of DC comics Dan Dido, Legendary director John Carpenter, Guillian Anderson who played detective Scully from the X-files show, John Barrowman doctor Who and Sam Trammell Actor from the Tv show True Blood among many other great guests.

For this year they pump even more presenting their featured guests and of course was legendary creator and movie star Stan "the man" Lee and Christopher Lloyd who played Dr. Emmet Brown in back to the future trilogy.

But this guys were not the only ones in the show that was a lot (when i say A Lot I mean A LOT!) of good artist in almost every field, comics, video games, films, and Anime.

Well then, here they are some of the photos of the show , they are a lot actually (like every other year) and I'm so happy that my camera ran out of battery Sunday 8 o'clock when the show was completely over!

so here we go,.......... Studiocomix picture time!!

this year I will put the pictures in sections, starting with.....

Cool Stands and Stuff

Outside view! full of fans!

So here is the actual view of the hall going down stairs at about 2 pm when the show was official full, here is the first floor before going down to the lower level were the show was going on, so for the ones that didn't have the chance to come, basically the show is 3 floors down the ground in a big place over 400,000 sq. ft. where you could shop with more than 700 retailers.

Another one going down in the middle of the stairs, the crowds were gigantic, to go to the bathroom was basically an adventure, I time myself one of the occasions and I took about 15 minutes to get there,... when was empty , now think about when was this full walking in between cosplayers an fans.

One more almost on the base of the Lower level, crazy busy!

This year DC comics brought a gigantic sign displayed at the top of the stand, to be honest you could see the thing from almost everywhere from the show, really cool!

Hasbro brought some of the featured toys and of course this great real size statue of Darth Maul, I think it was the same one displayed at the San Diego Comicon, I also over heard that at some point of the day Hasbro was giving away toys and stuff for free, I have no idea if that was for real or not..

What I do know is that they were giving away this action figures for free, and this doesn't look like a Hasbro toy, It seems more like a prototype type of thing,.... if someone knows who or what is this I will really appreciate!.

Lego of course brought amazing pieces of real size of many characters, including this Chief Master, I think it was a Batman somewhere around the corner.

Done with lego too!
A time machine DeLorean Replica from the Back to the future movies, actually your were allowed to take a picture inside if your want for Can $5.00 and the guy was saying that all the earnings were for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, of course draw a lot of attention since Doctor Emmet Brown the creator of the machine was around.

The Star wars fan clubs put together this display with scenes of the movie, where you were able to stand and picture yourself as a part of the movie, this one specially was my favourite.

Fan expo always opens the door to all artist that is why this show is the perfect spotlight for so many amateurs, and no so amateurs to present their work, the artist Alley was bigger than ever this year.

Artist Gord Shipperbottom with a sneak peak of his upcoming indie creation called Red Squirel, he stop by to get to know us and I got what he called a "prototype number one", is amazing! and good luck Gord!

X box-360 Stand was featuring a test for the new Hallo Game, the lines of video gamers were really long.

And the most cool Stand in the whole show was located in the Small press/ Independent area, stand A231, STUDIOCOMIX STAND!. of course!, this time around the table was completely packed thanks to all the artists (Jorge, Calros, Juan, Miguel, Alejandro, Pablo, Mikey, Mary, if I forgot to mention your name put it here _________ ) and collaborators in the Studiocomix projects, and we keep getting biger every year!.... in the photo you can see TNS, 2010, AJC, 6FOAD and the new release HUR, I manage to find some extra copies of the Sold out titles like 2010#1 and TNS#1 only for display. I can proudly say that the 5 different titles already published draw a lot of attention, and that.... makes me really extremely happy.

Studiocomix Stand

Here is another pic of the Studiocomix Stand with the new member of the support team, Matt!.

The readers, fans and collectors always looking through the different options in our stand, here specially is the proof that our Matt was really involved in promoting the book and creating a communication bridge whit this fan.... excellent work Matt!

Here you can see that the family keeps getting bigger, including more and different issues every con, that is something that the fans actually like it , we keep publishing and we don't give up!.

This year was the official presentation of the first issue of Hurricane by Pablo Violante, Miguel Mar and Alfonso Espinos, for the 3 of us was a great achievement, and was officially the new title of Studiocomix, the following quotation about the book was my favorite
This issue number one is simply catchy - fans At Expo Fan 2012-

Because Studiocomix Philosophy is based in support this year I was also sponsoring artist Marie Wong, an excellent media artist and painter form Cambridge, she also was supporting with the promotion of the Studiocomix products, here is the exact second right before she did her first sketch.

Here is some of her artwork in the Studiocomix Stand, Fun fact, this was the first time that she presented her artwork for the comic book fans, she did really well on the show and she got a few offerings to start a comic book project.... way to go Marie!

Here is a shot of half of the stand, we can see Displayed Hurricane#1, 2010#1 ,#2, #3 and #3A...

The Night Spike and All Jack City titles were for display too.

Banner with Hurricane#1 and 2010#4 covers

Warming up the engines for the next issue of All Jack City, the fans of the series were really excited about it.

The third day @ lunch time was some time to seat around and gabble away, here is Marie showing her affection with an Axe pic prop, lol she was in a mission !

During The same second day @noon I was approached by the news team form CTV news, the did a brief interview about Studiocomix and my opinion about the show, as far as I know was about to be in the 9 pm news, however I couldn't see it because we were still chilling at the show, so if someone see the segment somewhere in Youtube or if you recognize those faces of the interviewer and the camera man, please let me know please let me know, the only proof that I have is this awesome picture whit them! Thank you CTV news!

There was a few celebrities walking around, one of them who stop at the stand to look around was Christopher Harrison, this guy is one of the owners of Nictophobia Films he has produced the short Stephen King film and Vs the Dead but now they are developing George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead Live, a stage adaptation of the 1968 classic. The play hits the stage in spring 2013 do not forget to visit his site HERE.

The People I Meet

Htere was a time when finally I could go for a walk and look around, and I was really looking to meet to all the special guest , bu been realistic I was really lucky to meet who I meet, so here is my target number one, no that far away from our stand, master-artist-friend Scott Campbell, this guy don't need presentation and he didn't have any problem signing my Spider man Special edition, a great guy and one of my favourite artist, here is Campbell signing my book.

And here I am with him, such an honour!.

And here is my new treasure!, Amazing Spiderman #692 Variant Cover made for Fan Expo Signed by Scott Cambell!

Walking with in the halls the chick from Naked News surrounded by a horde of youtubers, of course I couldn't say no to the chance to get a pic with her, oh yeah!

Canadian comic Book legend Richard Comelly creator of Captain Canuck and a really really good friend of mine, he has announced the launch of the animation Series of Captain Canuck for 2013!, I went to his stand to take a picture with him for 2 reasons, number one because a guy wearing an amazing captain Canuck costume was there, and second because finally I have a cool photo with Richard, most of the photos that I have with him are all shaky you cant really see who is who, but any way,... finally after some many years Congratulations for the success Richard, we need to celebrate the excellent news and I'm dying to see Captain Canuck Animated.

The next picture was simply a lucky hit, i have the chance to get this pic with the whole Cast and crew of the movie The last will and statement of Rosalind Leigh, and they were amazing! Julian Richings, Aaron Poole, Rodrigo Gudiño, Me, Mitch Markowitz and Jason McQuarrie, I might say that almost couldn't believe it.
Check the official trailer of the movie!

Another great guy co-author of the screenplay for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD John A. Russo, he was just standing there and I didn't pas the chance, another master of the masters.

Another Cast that I almost missed was the one from the movie Dawn before dead 3D, actually i got in time just to to get Tim Doiron & Ellen Dubin autographs and to be honest was worth it.

Here is the Trailer!

And last but not least (actually I was saving this one for the end), Legendary artist Neal Adams, (another one without presentation) you may ask, why is he extending his arm?, well... happens that I ask him if I can take a photo with him but right away one of his crew assistance jumped asking me for 10 dollars if I want such a memory, then I reply asking him if I can take a picture of him? and he was fine -that one goes free of charge,- he said, even more he will extend his arm so later on I can make a photoshop montage at home an put myself in the photo!, lol Mr. Neal is such a great funny guy and this picture itself is worth more that anything to me, I also have the chance to chat with him for a good 10 minutes,as you can see he is signing my copy of the first X-men #1

And just because I don't want to disappoint him, and as I promise, here it is!! Savings=CAD$10.00

and of course! another member of the collection The First X-Men #1 Signed by Neal Adams!

You may ask me , why this guy is in this section of the poeple I meet?, well happens that this Guy it's a Studiocomix Fan and a host of a Youtube channel called Two Nerds Ranting, really funny by the way and he become part of the Studiocomix official Sponsors, you can find a link to their channel at the top of the page.

Or you can check out his yourtube channel right here

And with him we will start the section that more than ten have been waiting for..

The Cosplayers!!

And this year more than one put a lot of effort in their costumes, check the long list of amazing cosplayers!! this time around in no specific order!

What I Missed!
-that hurt me-

this year was so much to do, but definitely was a few people that I was wishing to meet, here goes the list.

I didn't got the Stan Lee's Photo op/Autograph, wasn't that painful because I have the chance to meet him back in Mexico at the Conque.

I didn't meet Jon Bernthal, and let him know that I went to Zombie fest in Monterrey to get his autograph and he didn't even showed up! lol

Of course I didn't meet Christopher Lloyd, that was painful, so close but so far!

I didn't Meet Billy West, the ORIGINAL voice of Fry from Futurama!!! and not the Region 4 version, this is the original!

I didn't Meet John Carpenter, that one was one of the things that I was going for but Mr. carpenter was always extremly bussy with gigantic lines!

But well in general the show was excellent, so nothing really big to complaint, so sad that the 4 days went really fast but there is always the next year, so "see you next year Fan Expo canada".


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