Studiocomix open submissions in Guanajuato Mexico

Here you go my dear citizens, the clear label that we are moving forward in the Studiocomix project. Now, all the comic book creators from the regions around Guanajuato can submit their art work via an official governmental authority, certifying the Comic Book creation in the region.

This is a great step for all the local artist and a big step in our expansion as a editorial offering opportunities to all kind of artist to publish their artworks and get more experience.

For all the local artist interested in submitting their work, you can read the bases HERE pay close attention that the requirements for submission to Studiocomix are the same , so if you live in the Mexico Guanajuato area, what are you waiting....... apply now!!! HERE

If you want to read the Conditions in SPANISH CLICK HERE or if you want to read the conditions in ENGLISH CLICK HERE.

Good luck everyone , keep you posted.