Studiocomix at the Fan expo 2011

So, my dear readers, another year and it seems that we are not working, but if we are, and more now than ever, we are steping every day closer and closer to our targets and of course making our contribution, and above all, constantly creating more and more stories thinking in our readers.

Since the last convention (Comicon Mexico), myself and the creative team we focus on continuing to publish our tittles, so that is the reason because our posting via our website has been very low, but that does not mean that we are completely forget about it. Other thing that we are proud to announce is that we have also improved our communication via Twitter and Facebook what keeps us up to date on the daily News in the world of Studiocomix, so, to don't make it more mysterious here is the summary of what was our participation on the the Fan Expo Canada 2011.

As background this was the first year that the show was four days in a row! that's right!. four days in which nearly 25,000 fans and readers comic fans gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in search of the best and most innovative in the world of comics.

What is always a big attraction is the red carpet of science fiction movies stars and television show casts gather together in the event so that in the four-day event presented artists such as:

Robert Englund Freddy Kruger better known as the protagonist of the film series A Nightmare on Elm Street, Lee Majors was present also better known as his role of One Million Dollar Man, or better known in Spanish as a bionic man, another was Michael Biehn it was the one who gave life to Reese in the first Terminator film, and Hayden Panettiere who was Claire Bennet in Heroes TV Series. I mention these artists who were only a hint of the number of guests in the field of film and TV stars further relates to a whole list of celebrities in the world of video games and manga.

But what concerns to the comic thing wasn't that bad, because in the aisles were a lot of publishers such as Marvel, DC and Image that flaunted all the great guests and especially to promote their products throughout giving, some were given away more comics other comics at incredible good prices , and like all good comic book convention guests the likes of Adam Kubert, Ed Mc Guinness and Tony Daniels were present to live with his followers along with 70 other writers and creators..

There were also companies like Dreamworks and Warnner bringing the best of the props of the Movies, like this amazing capsule where you could see Abin Sur starring Tremura Morrison who attend the Comicon Mexico a few months ago.

Also some of the fighters in the upcoming robot movie Real Steel, really nice the original-sized robots with all the lights and stuff on it, here some pics.

In the same way the "Artist Alley" with more than 400 artists artists, authors, comics creators, illustrators and other artists came to present their work in the days of the event, in our case was our fourth year in a row that Studiocomix Press was there displaying all our projects and like always bringing the good vibes.

Days 1 and 2 of the event were very agitated many people came to share with the artists and talk about what their projects were all about.

In our side, we didn't disappoint the nod to the event and to demonstrate our promised premiers ... so we could present the incredible number 4 of Carlos Bernal's All Jack City , with that delicious style that gives his stories and art, so far is definitely the best All Jack City number published, we manage somehow to have this book ready for the show.
We also had the opportunity to reprint for the first time but now in English for the first three issues of "La Pua Nocturna" in the compilation of "The Night Spike GENESIS" but now in English (if I know I said I was not going to do .... but I was asked a lot), and after a very hard-working adaptation, nearly three months of intensive work with Michael Jordan that he is now working as Co-Editor of Studiocomix, we have this number ready for the convention.

We also had for sale all the "back issues" of Yorcho Robles 2010 saga, and the first two titles of The Six Faces of a dice of Juan Sepulveda and his team.

Overall the event was always full of good vibes and friendship with the same colleagues who were out there, artists who work professionally for Bongo to Marvel or DC and also Yanick Paquette who was around Mexico a few months ago in another comic book show.

Among the people that i talked this year was Jeff Smith, creator of Bone, we talked for a little bit of various business and professional aspects, a very simple and very friendly guy
, I can say that Jeff Smith, besides being a great artist that I admire for the virtue of being able to tell stories in an spectacular way, is a great person.

Another one that I could not talk much because he always was very busy was Tony Moore, the artist precursor of the original series of The Walking Dead, I just took a little of his time to talk to him and shake his hand, another awesome guy.

Another Artist (this one do not draw,..but super hot :P) is Julia Schneider, who plays Summer in Dark Rising, a great movie, and I didn't left wanting to get a photo.

Here the trailer, just if you want to see this beauty in action.

Y para que no digan que soy gacho ahí les va la colección de de Cosplays y "cois-plays" para que vean que en todos lados se cuecen habas.

And here is the now super classic "coisplais collection", en-joy!.

Mad Doc.

Hueva-Feet, Ruy y Tango-FeetCutting and slashing.


Doc and spidey.

Lot's of joy!

Mario and Luigi.
There is More to come..
do not go too far....