More Stores are Carring Studiocomix Tittles

That's right!... as you can see, now we have officially changed the view of this web site, to make it more user friendly, at the same time I'm so glad to let you know that we have more stores where you can find all Studiocomix's tittles, the best part is where thy are located, here are the New locations:

Comic Connection

895 King Street West
ON L8S 1K5, Canada

(905) 522-2357

Burdin's Comics

1369 Main Street East
ON L8K 1B8, Canada

(905) 312-6642

Conspiracy Comics
844 King Street West
Hamilton, ON L8S 1K3, Canada
(905) 540-9700‎

Mostly Comics
413 St. Paul Street
St. Catherines, ON L2R 3N1, Canada
(905) 682-6147

Pulp Comics
4413 Queen Street
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 2L2, Canada
(905) 353-0666‎

You can find :
The Night Spike #1#2
Six faces of a dice #1
All jack city #1, #2, #3
2010 #1

do not miss the chance!