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Bell's Special Editon Poster

Step by step, how I colored this sketch of my character Bell, the sexy female of The Night Spike (TNS) , This one was planed to be a poster , so then here the process...

Step one (and the most harder) THE IDEA: How suppose the poster needs to look like, of course Bell goes on the front and will be the main point of attraction of the poster, so then I draw some kind of flying bell , (actually looks cool he he...)Step two INKING: Well in this case I use my Windsor & Newton Brush #1, to make all the outline, that makes more easy when the coloring time comes, though.Step three COLOR: Before scan the image, I worked on PhotoShop this one ,the hard part here is clean all the little mistakes around so here is when you need a lot of patient and hard work , also making some shadows around and fill the white areas, so the bell looks alive.This is just one of the elements on the poster special edition and here on this site I'll gonna show you more, but, soon!...
then see you on the next post!

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